Gun Locks - Do you need them?

There’s definitely some controversy out there as to whether gun locks are useful or not. On one side, the perspective is: If the gun is locked you might as well throw it at an offender as opposed to fiddling with a combination or keys to unlock it.

I can definitely understand that perspective. I might add that John Wayne and Clint Eastwood probably wouldn’t have been as popular on the big screen if they were sporting gun locks. It’s just not as sexy.

The other side of the coin is a gun lock might be necessary if traveling through states that have particular gun laws. Or, heaven forbid the gun gets into the hands of a child or an individual who may not handle it responsibly.

All in all, gun owners should take their right to keep and bear arms seriously, and ultimately own the responsibility that comes with guns, as well as any other deadly weapon. We all need to consider our particular circumstances and whether a gun lock might be right for us. Sexy or not.