Pallet - Seedlingers Start & Sprout Pots Total of 210 packages

Pallet - Seedlingers Start & Sprout Pots Total of 210 packages

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Pallet of Seedlingers Start & Sprout Pot, 210 Packs, Each pack includes an 8oz bottle of Plant Fertelixir

Product Details:

  • Includes: 8oz Bottle of Seedlingers Plant Fertelixir. Powerful, Potent Plant Food
  • Type: Each box contains 6, Six Cell Pot trays
  • Use: Start and Sprout pots can last for months avouve ground, once planted the pot will begin to breaddown and eventually disapperar, enhancing your garden soil
  • Planting: When the roots of your plant pentetrate the sides of the pot it is ready to plant in the soil. Place the entire pot inside a freshly perpared hole and cover
  • Needed: Potting soil, garden tools, water and sunshine


Product Description:

Decompose quickly and effortlessly Designed to provide a perfect growing medium for seeds If the name Seedelingers seems different, it should; we're a different kind of company. And if our START and SPROUT packaging looks fun, then we're doing something right, because at Seedlingers we want you to discover how much fun gardening can be! But don't worry. It takes a lot of science and know-how to make something this advanced look so simple. We hope you love these products as much as we do! This unique, biodegradable composition also allows for roots to easily penetrate the sides of the pot Innovative pots change color when water is needed Add soil, seeds, seedlings or a starter plant Pots easily decompose once planted Environmentally safe and a fun way to start a garden!


Product Specs:

Each Pack Includes

  • 6, Six Cell Pot trays, 6-235ml/cell (36 pots total per box package)
  • 8oz Plant Fertelixir 3-0.6-0.6 Guaranteed Analysis

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