Gunlocks: Safeguard while Maintaining Easy Access to Your Firearm

Most gun owners secure their guns in safes or cases when they aren't using them. While these are great for safeguarding firearms, they aren't ideal for those who need quick access to their gun. Nightstands don't offer any security for firearms, especially in homes where children live. This is where a gun lock comes in handy. Read on for information about gun locks and why you should consider getting one.

Store Guns Safely without Limiting Access

Gun locks secure a firearm by blocking the mechanisms that enable it to fire. They are inexpensive, easy to use, lightweight, and take up little space. Some locks work for specific firearms. Others, known as universal locks, fit multiple guns. Two common types of gun locks are trigger locks and cable locks. ·

Trigger locks - these security locks contain two halves. One half has a security bolt mechanism that goes in front of the trigger and covers the trigger well. The other section fits over the security bolt and keeps it in place. Locking the two parts together prevents access to the trigger. Trigger locks use combination, key, or biometric systems to secure them.

Cable locks - this type of lock obstructs the gun's chamber to keep it from firing. It resembles a padlock with a long, flexible cable in place of the shank or shackle. The cable threads through the magazine well and barrel, preventing anyone from loading the gun. Then the padlock secures the cable's end. Cable locks utilize key, combination, or biometric security methods.

Protect Yourself and Your Family

Gun locks are effective at preventing unauthorized users, such as children, from being able to fire your gun in your absence. At Bulk Buy Outlet, we have a variety of gun locks for pistols, rifles, shotguns and more. We carry airsoft guns and firearm accessories as well. Check out our Outdoor and Sporting Goods section and contact us with any questions, we're happy to help you stay safe.