We are 100% family owned and operated and have been located in Fort Wayne Indiana since 2003.

 We make many of our own products (such as tools and instruments) and everything else is acquired through overstock, closeouts, and liquidation purchases.

 We take pride in having the lowest prices anywhere. So how do we do it? We cut out the middleman by warehousing and shipping everything ourselves. We streamline our internal processes to keep our margins extremely low. Additionally, we ship tons of products daily resulting in excellent shipping discounts which we pass onto you!

 Our goal is simple, to provide amazing deals on quality products.



Sales Engineer with a Purpose

Assisting you in making confident gear & apparel purchases.

Guitar Inspection with 55 Points

Right out of the box, this guitar is great.

Inexpensive Shipping Fees

Even on the small stuff.

FREE Tech Assistance

Do you have a question? We're here to assist you.

2-Year Warranty Included for FREE

You can shop with confidence.

Payments Are Simple

Up to 48 Months.


Nothing in life is free, including shipping.

Most consumers see “Free Shipping” and assume they’re getting a deal. However, shipping is never free! Not to you or the business you’re purchasing from, so most businesses add the cost of shipping to the product.

For example, a $5 shirt becomes $9.99 with “free” shipping. So if you buy three shirts at $9.99 each and had “free” shipping you paid about $30 because you paid for shipping three times. But with us, if you buy three $5 shirts you pay $15 plus shipping (around $4.99) for a total of about $20. This is why with us truly the more you buy the more you save!

When you put it all together, you get our winning formula:
Low Prices + One Shipping Fee =
UNMATCHED DEALS Delivered to your door