Why Shop With Us


We are an established e-commerce business located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the heart of the Midwest. We are 100% US owned and operated since 2003.

We acquire a lot of our inventory through large volume Closeouts and Liquidations. All items we carry are 100% authentic. We pride ourselves in providing a large variety of goods at best prices anywhere.

One of reasons you are able to get all these items at such ridiculously low prices is because we are direct. We do not use middlemen and we streamline all of our internal processes. Our margins are very low as we work of overall volume versus making big profit from one sale.

Shipping is another component of you getting such incredible deals. We ship hundreds of packages every day. So we have great discounts with shipping companies. We pass the savings on to you



Sales Engineer with a Purpose

Assisting you in making confident gear & apparel purchases.

Guitar Inspection with 55 Points

Right out of the box, this guitar is great.

Inexpensive Shipping Fees

Even on the small stuff.

FREE Tech Assistance

Do you have a question? We're here to assist you.

2-Year Warranty Included for FREE

You can shop with confidence.

Payments Are Simple

Up to 48 Months.


Finally, we do NOT utilize the fictitious “Free Shipping” gimmick. Because as the old saying goes: “There is nothing free in life”, same goes for “Free Shipping”. The delivery cost is always already hidden in the item price. It is not a big deal when buying just one item, but if you buy multiple things, the added included shipping costs get multiplied unnecessarily.

Our internal shipping calculator works off total weight of the order, to safely send your items in as few packages as possible. The more items you purchase together, the cheaper per item, delivered cost you will see.

For example: If it costs $10 to ship a regular sized item, when buying 3 of them, you shouldn’t have pay 3 times that price (especially if they all can go in same box). But that is exactly what happens when you buy with “Free Shipping”.

When you put it all together, you get our winning formula:

Incredibly Low Item Prices + Low Shipping Costs + Shipping Them All Together = UNMATCHED DEALS ON ITEMS, DELIVERED RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR.