About Us

 We are a 100% USA Family Owned & Operated business, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana since 2004


We are able to achieve itthanks to our no-nonsense, streamlined business model:
We source our own products directly from manufacturers and factories.
We buy large volume loads of Overstocks, Closeouts and Liquidations.
We own, warehouse and process all of our inventory.
We avoid using unnecessary third parties and middlemen.
We offer great shipping rates, thanks to the large volume of shipments and our long-term relationships with various carriers.
And most importantly, we keep our margins low, so we can pass the savings onto YOU!

We offer Thousands of Products in Various Categories:
Musical Instruments and Accessories
Art and Crafts Supplies
Sporting Goods
Home and Garden
Tools and Home Improvement
Pet Supplies
Clothing and Fashion Accessories
Closeouts and Overstocks
Wholesale Volume Loads for those who want to resell our stuff....
All of our regular items are Brand New, but we also offer Factory Refurbished, Scratch & Dents, and Customer Returns

We also offer a (Free of Extra Charge) Drop-Shipping service:
If you have never heard of Drop-Shipping, it is an awesome way to start your own online business, without Startup Costs!
Here is how it works:
Since our prices are so low, many buyers resell our items by posting them online on places like eBay, Marketplace, Amazon, etc.
When someone purchases from your listing, you turn around and buy them cheaper from us, and we ship directly to your buyer.
No inventory or warehousing costs, packaging supplies or running to the post office to ship your orders...
And the best part is that YOU GET PAID by your buyer, BEFORE you buy anything from us.
Call us for more details or for help getting started.

You may be asking: “But what about "FREE” Shipping?
Well.. as we said earlier, we are an upfront, no-nonsense operation.
And as you probably already know, there is no such thing as “Free Shipping”. It always costs money to ship goods.
“Free Shipping” is a gimmick, where sellers roll the shipping cost into the product’s price.

When was the last time you went to a Shipping Center to send a package, and they said:
“Surprise! We are going to ship it for you for free!”?
We are gonna guess...… never!

But more importantly: what you might not realize is that if you buy just 1 item, it doesn’t matter if shipping cost is rolled into the item price or you pay it separately. $20 item with free shipping or $12 item + $8 shipping.... you end up paying the same.
But when it really hurts you is if you are buying multiples pieces of a given “free” shipping item.
Because if shipping cost is already rolled into each single item’s price,
and the seller ships all items together.... you just unnecessarily overpaid.

That is NOT what we do! Our shipping cost is based on the total weight of the shipment.
So, the more items you ship together, the cheaper it is per piece.

Buy More + Pay Less = Keep More $ in Your Pocket
That is the idea behind the Bulk Buy Outlet