The Hidden Cost of Free Shipping

Free shipping, delivery, and pickup are all phrases we've come to know and love when it comes to online shopping. However, if you think that free shipping is really free, think again! In this article, Bulk Buy Outlet sheds some light on the myth that is "free shipping."

What Is Free Shipping? 

Free shipping is a marketing technique used by online retailers to make customers think they're getting something free. But the reality is nothing is truly free in life, including shipping.

Retailers inflate their prices in order to afford free shipping, they add the shipping costs into their products. For example, a shirt that would cost $4.00 would be around $8.99 with the "free shipping" added in.

Save $ with Only One Shipping Fee

At Bulk Buy Outlet, we want to give our customers the best prices possible. You save on one item, but you save really big when you buy multiples. Simply compare the prices of our products to those on any "free shipping" site and you'll see.

We do the shipping ourselves to cut out the middleman and avoid hidden fees, offering you extremely low priced products because you only pay one shipping fee at the end instead of a fee on each item.

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